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Importing format information with song lyrics

May 30, 2023
I'd like to import OpenLP (Open Lyrics) xml files with formatting tags. I did a test with Presenter, and it seems to have just dropped any content wrapped in a tag. In the example Open Lyrics file below, the "Amen." was not imported. Are any formatting tags supported on import? If not, can we get support for a few simple formatting tags: bold (or strong), and italics? I can update the XML files as needed if some particular tag is needed to support the simple formatting.

<song xmlns="" version="0.9">
<tags application="MyHTMLExporter">
<tag name="strong">
Almighty God, ...a prayer... <tag name="strong">Amen.</tag>
Posted by Erik
May 31, 2023
As a follow-up, if there is another method to import songs from any kind of text-based format which includes basic formatting then I'd be happy to give that a try.
Posted by Erik
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