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Video loop for individual videos rather than ALL video content

November 12, 2023
We run a video loop background to our song lyrics, and in the settings set the Video to loop. However, if we play another video clip in the service the video will automatically loop if you dont quickly stop it. If you turn the Video loop in the settings off to sort this, the side effect is that the one lyrics background video loop[ stops at the end of its 5 minutes run! Frustrating. Question is: is there any way to set individual Video loop on individual clips? Or is there any suggestion that this could be an improvement due soon?
Posted by Glyn
November 12, 2023
As someone who has struggled with this, I can definitely appoint to one of the solutions. There is a 'per video' loop on the item settings, just to the right of your screen. Here on my computer is a checkbox that I just check or uncheck.
Posted by Mateus
November 13, 2023
The other thing to watch for is the settings. At the bottom of the Defaults Settings panel is the Media Defaults. This includes a tick-box for 'Loop background videos by default'.
Initially, I had this set, but I eventually decided to turn it off, choosing instead to set the ones that I really wanted to loop through the video cue editing panel. Most of my videos don't loop, with just a few that serve as background to things like the closing blessing.
Posted by Paul
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