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Don't reload the service when re-activating Music Stand on iOS

March 7, 2023
The most annoying current 'feature' of Music Stand on iOS is that when I leave the app, or the iPad has locked, and then I return to MusicStand, the screen goes blank whilst it reloads the entire service and all songs.
On sketchy church WiFi this can take 30-60s and means that I weekly run the risk of losing all my music at the start of a service!

I'd like to be able to prevent this, and have a manual button for refreshing the set (e.g. if we're using MusicStand to sync chords and performance notes across the whole band; but we're a long way from that right now), this could easily just appear at the bottom of the set list sidebar.
(Also very happy for this to be a configurable, non-default option)
Posted by Richard
April 1, 2023
I’m getting ready to go back to planning center because of this issue. If I have no Wi-Fi you cannot use the app.
Posted by T
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