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Using OBS to stream videos playing in Presenter

June 4, 2022

We have Presenter set up to display through a projector (monitor 2 in Windows). When streaming the service, I have a Display Capture video source set up in OBS with scenes configured to either have this displayed "full size" (with coloured bars down the side since the projector has screen ration 4:3 while the other cameras and output are 16:9) or in a smaller window to the side overlaying the camera view (to display the bible readings or slides along with the speaker). For hymns we have the cue set up to display the lyrics, with an Audio media file added to the cue for the music. On the whole this works pretty well for us, and if needed a single person can cope with both that and the sound mixing desk.
One thing I have noticed a problem with, however, is if we play videos through presenter (as a Media background on a cue, even by itself with no foreground). In church everything looks and sounds fine. But on the stream (still via the full size Display Capture), although the audio comes through okay the video stutters and pauses a lot - at times you could almost measure the frame rate in seconds per frame rather than frames per second... The problem's not with the viewer or its connection, it looks the same on different devices and also when viewed on-demand later; so far as I can tell it's like that in the outgoing stream from OBS to youtube. The same videos played directly as Media sources in OBS don't do this, but that means swapping the projector display back and forth between the two applications if we want those present to be able to view it as well.
Any suggestions for what settings I should play around with to improve this? Canvas/output resolution? Configure an extra Window screen in Presenter and use a Window Capture source in OBS rather than Display Capture?

Posted by Andy
June 7, 2022
One thing to try is to lower your output resolution, in OBS and the resolution of your extended display that you are capturing. Your computer may not be able to keep up.
Posted by Adam
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