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Sequence arrangement feature for clarity and visibility at the top of the chord chart

July 20, 2022
Hello, apologies if this has been raised before but couldn't quite find an exact answer. Wondering if there could be a feature whereby the sequence arrangement of a song could be added so that the flow is clear and visible at the top of the chord chart? Something like pressing specific buttons (e.g. intro, verse 1, chorus x2, verse 2, verse 3, chorus x2, bridge, outro) so that it shows up clearly. (I know a suggested/similar answer in the forum was to create a chord chart for a different arrangement but that then builds up the library and at the same time, the worship leader may not always use that same arrangement time after time). Thanks.
Posted by Fiona
August 4, 2022
You can do this with the ChordPro directive {flow: }. Type your sequence before the closing bracket } and it will show at the top of your chord chart.
Posted by WorshipTools
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