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Key Change during a service (Permission Issue?)

April 2, 2024
I am the Worship Leader at our Church and on Easter Sunday we had a set list of 5 songs. We ran through the set list at our morning practice and had no issues. During the service I pulled up the first song which showed on my screen as the key of A with a capo on second fret (play in G form). I started playing the song along with our drummer and back up vocalist. The bass player, second guitar player, and keyboard player started to play but their screens showed the song in the key of B so they did not play. The second guitar player selected the key on her screen which immediately made my screen go blank and my screen changed to F# so I had to stop playing. I had the congregation continue singing a cappella while I changed my screen back to the key of A. When I did this the team’s iPads all updated to the key of A. I believe this is a problem with permissions or a glitch with the software. My team is set up with permissions of Viewer. I want them to be able to play in the selected key and capo if necessary but not change the key. Any advise is appreciated as this was an embarrassing moment I would rather not repeat.
Posted by Kevin
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