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Add background to default lower thirds theme

June 21, 2022
Hi there,

We are trying to edit the default lower thirds theme for our livestream. We would like to create a new theme with an image as the background or a new theme incorporating two small logos or add two small logos to the default theme.

Is it possible to do any of these? If so any tips on how this is done?

Posted by Andrew
June 23, 2022
You can have a Cue background take up the whole screen, but not part of the screen.
Posted by WorshipTools
June 24, 2022
HI thanks for the reply. I am not sure what you are suggesting here - it sounds like you are saying it is not possible. If you are suggesting it is possible can you give more on how it is done. We have a major conference next week and still figuring out a way to do what we are trying to do.
Posted by Andrew
June 24, 2022
Are you asking if you can create a lower third template for your lyrics and Scripture that contains images (logos)? If so, the answer is no - the template can only contain words.

Presenter combines Background & Foreground elements to make up a cue ( If you need an image to go with your lower third template, you can select it as the cue background. The lyrics or Scripture with the template applied will be your foreground.

When choosing a background, it will take up the entire screen, not just part of the screen. So, if you wanted the logos just at the bottom to make room for something else
(like a video feed) above the lower thirds, this is not possible at this time.
Posted by WorshipTools
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