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Better Color Picker

April 23, 2023
The slide label color picker is not very good. Could it be replaced with the native input type=color html element?
Posted by Hesler
July 6, 2023
This would be a great option to have. We select color lyrics for our solos and the slide rule is too thin and complicated to ensure the same color throughout. I have to click to choose a color within the slide rule and copy the name of it (letters/numbers/symbols) and then apply to other slides, as needed. This is quite cumbersome and complicated with multiple slides. Please make it a bit easier to select.
Posted by J
July 12, 2023
This would be an amazing feature for us too. Would enable people who are less technologically savvy to easily set consistent colours on slides.
Posted by Joshua
November 9, 2023
This feature is a definite need. The color slide rule is much too small and when using for multiple slides, you either have different coloring or need to copy the # and paste for each slide needed. Please update with a better tool to make it user friendly. Thank you.
Posted by J
December 18, 2023
Long overdue! As I posted almost two years ago: The Slide and Song Editors really need the ability to FAITHFULLY paste word-level formats from one slide to the next. That format should include ALL aspects of the "copied" text: Font name and size, boldness or italicization, sub- or super-scripting, and especially COLOR.

Currently the only way I’ve been able to find to copy color among slides is to select the color for the first use using the Color dialog, then copy the hexadecimal value of that color to an outside program like Notes, then paste it into the new word’s Color dialog box.

This should all be done with a simple Excel-type << Right- click | Copy >> then << Right-click | Paste Special | Format Only >>
Posted by Jack
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