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Trimming a Youtube or Vimeo Video

March 26, 2024

Does anyone know how to trim a video clip on Presenter from Youtube or Vimeo so that it just shows the part of the video that I want to show and not any intro or ending information that might be included in the video?
Posted by David
April 2, 2024
It is quite easy.
Add the video to the Media library in the normal way, and add it as a cue in the service. If you edit the cue, you will see a panel with several items, including In/Out Points. Simply adjust the times so that the video starts at the required time. This does not trim the file, so you can use it untrimmed in other services, but I have found it ideal for getting past initial chatter. The smallest level of adjustment is the second, so maybe not quite as precise as some other tools, but easy to use and reliable.
I don't use online videos during the service, as I don't want to rely on the internet connection when I need it Also, you may finish up with an undesirable and inappropriate advert popping up! There are various tools available which allow you to download the videos. If your treasurer will allow, you can upgrade to YouTube Premium for £12.99 per month (or equivalent in local currency), which both allows you to download and be advert free.
Posted by Paul
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