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Library bulk delete (not all)

August 11, 2022
In my excitement to get this up and running I went ahead and imported all the songs from a previous program, and now have over 1000 songs in our library. We've found it's actually been easier to add them in fresh each time rather than reformatting, so have about 100 new ones that we wish to keep along with about 1000 that we don't...

Is there a way to get into the database and bulk delete *most* of the songs but still keep the ones we've added recently? I've been doing this one by one but it's pretty painful...
Posted by Jared
August 11, 2022
In Presenter Settings > Library and Database, you can clear the entire music library, but we don't have a selective bulk deleter.
Posted by WorshipTools
September 22, 2022
Thanks - I decided to write a script in Power Automate to delete them one by one in Planner.
Posted by Jared
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