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Is an App for Community in the pipeline?

November 21, 2023
Is an App for Community in the pipeline? If so, is there an expected timeline on this? Thanks!
Posted by James
December 6, 2023
I completely agree. An app, whether desktop, mobile, or whatever would be amazing. To not have to lean on an internet browser for that would rock. I really enjoy everything WorshipTools has to offer, and would even love - if it's in the works at all - the ability to create further church management like church website and app in the future. But for now, a Community app would be amazing for church admin and leadership to have.
Posted by Amanda
December 7, 2023
I agree. I just looked yesterday to see if there was one. It would help when we need to send a notification out immediately.
Posted by J
December 8, 2023
I am sold on what I have seen, I can see that there is a yearning for one app that encompasses all the products or at least one for the Community.
Posted by Pinehouse Drive
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