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Lower 1/3

January 6, 2024
We have had a few changeovers of people lately with the previous people leaving so knowledge hasn't been shared. RE ONLINE: On the lower 1/3 where the lyrics show up for the ATEM I thought the background was always set to be black. Then 3 weeks ago I think it changed to show what is projecting onto the main screen. All settings are set to have black background and foreground being lower 1/3. Not sure if maybe it's always been like that or there's a setting that got changed without my knowing.
Posted by Jennifer
January 16, 2024
I suggest that you check the settings on your ATEM. It can be set with either luma or chroma to display the black areas as transparent, allowing the background image or video to show through. Personally, having used both, I find the luma control easier to set up and use for simply white on black text.
Posted by Paul
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