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Song matrix?

January 5, 2023
Is there a possibility of having a matrix for the weekly song selections? That would incredibly helpful.
Posted by Cortney
January 10, 2023
Agreed! I disliked most things about PlanningCenter, but the Service Order matrix was a great feature. I see a planning matrix for people in WT, but not for service orders.
Posted by Connor
January 10, 2023
There is a service matrix already in planning, go to services, then scheduling matrix. To see the songs, you go to songs, then you can click the "last used" column to sort by the last used and you will see the songs used. Also, you could use the usage report to see when you had used the songs last.
Posted by Jake
January 10, 2023
No, that's not what we're looking for. Scheduling Matrix is good for scheduling people, but not for service order items. "Last Used" doesn't show a matrix layout of services. See link below for an example of what we're talking about:
Posted by Connor
November 21, 2023
I want to upvote this. It was tremendously useful in PCO. I love Planning in many ways. But I miss that feature. So helpful for laying out a schedule of songs for the next several weeks. Pretty please!?
Posted by Jonathan
March 27, 2024
I totally agree! This would be a huge improvement for planning services. I vote for this as well!
Posted by Anthony
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