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Transfer to another laptop

March 6, 2023
I have presenter on an old computer. I have a new computer. Can presenter be transferred to the new computer? If not then what are my options? Thanks
Posted by Warren
March 7, 2023
The beauty of Presenter is the ability to connect to it from any computer. You do not 'transfer' anything (files, profiles, libraries, etc.) from one PC onto another. Everything is stored centrally, on the Worship Tools servers ready for you to connect to from wherever you happen to be.
I have several computers at home and use whichever one is not being used by someone else to set up and manage the services and libraries. I then connect to Presenter using the Church's laptop for the actual Sunday services.
Simply download the Presenter app onto your new computer, log in with your existing ID, and after a couple of seconds (depending on your internet connection speed) you will be up and running.
You do not need to do anything specific to Presenter on your old PC; keep it as a spare or clear it and dispose of it, just as you choose.
Posted by Paul
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