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Charts not displaying for songs imported from ProPresenter

April 19, 2024
I've imported my ProPresenter 7 song library into Presenter but when I try to view in Charts on any device I get this error:

Function CollectionReference.doc() requires its first argument to be of type non-empty string, but it was: xxxxxxxxx

Where xxxxxxxx is the CCLI reference number of the song.

If I create songs direct in charts/presenter or import straight from SongSelect they show up fine.

Any suggestions?
Posted by Paul
April 19, 2024
Hi Paul, I went in to take a look at your account. It's interesting that you're seeing that specific error message. We're happy to take a further look at this. Can you send us a couple of those ProPresenter 7 files to [email protected]?

In the meantime, it will be best to import the songs from CCLI directly. Or, if you go to Planning, you'll notice separate tabs for Lyrics and ChordPro. Lyrics = Presenter slides and ChordPro = Charts. They don't read song data from the same source.

Right now, those songs you brought in from ProPresenter have Presenter Lyrics, but not Charts ChordPro. To add the ChordPro piece, click "Edit" on the song in Planning, then "Edit" under the ChordPro tab, and just "Save." That will auto-import the Lyrics tab into the ChordPro tab and make lyrics available in Charts.
Posted by WorshipTools
April 19, 2024
Thanks for the reply - I tried adding the lyrics to the songs as you said by saving the ChordPro files but I still got the same error in Charts. The lyrics do show in Planning Centre though! For now I've deleted all of the songs from the account and I'll add from SongSelect as I need. I'll email you a couple of the ProPresenter files so you can try out.

For now I'm only experimenting with Presenter as an alternative to ProPresenter so not using it for any services.
Posted by Paul
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