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Export Service/Scheduling Matrix from Planning App

August 25, 2023
I'm wondering two things. 1)How long does Planning App store Past Service information? 2)(Assuming Planning App deletes past Services:) Can I export the Scheduling Matrix and the Past Services (Order) to keep for our records? Thanks.
Posted by Jen
September 1, 2023
Planning keeps all service data unless deleted by the user
Posted by WorshipTools
September 1, 2023
Thank you. Am I able to export it?
Posted by Jen
September 14, 2023
If you go back to the week(s) you need you can still print order of service and any thing else. If you want a digital copy of anything just print as pdf. and you can save as a file. Song usage report can be printed from within Presenter.
Posted by Suzanne
November 13, 2023
We would like to be able to export the order of service as CSV? or some other data transfer friendly format, to be used as the foundation for our lighting, media cue sheets, lower-thirds text sources, and more. Unfortunately, PDF would not be versatile enough for the envisioned usage.
Posted by Fred
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