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Add slide, or re-order imported Powerpoint/Keynote - and 'link to Edit original Powerpoint'

September 2, 2022
Hi -
As imported presentations are converted to images, could they be re-ordered or added to.

I have been asked a number of times to re-order the notices OR
add a last-minute image slide into the notices - which I can just by adding a new Cue item.

But if it adding to a welcome slideshow loop - that's trickier, I need to find the cached version of the PPT in the library and edit - and re-import.

What if the imported Presentations were converted into Presenter Slides?

Or to make presentation access easier, could a button be added alongside "Change Presentation" to "Open/Edit Presentation"? or at least Open in Finder/Exporer?
Posted by Tony
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