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Tablet showing only 1 page of music when tablet is horizontal

March 27, 2023
I noticed that I'm not able to have 2 sheets of music when I turn my Samsung tablet sideways/horizontal. Recently I've noticed I can see only 1 page at a time. Is this a bug that others are experiencing?
Posted by Caleb
March 29, 2023
I'm experiencing the same thing. I use an HP touch Chromebook for practice with the Music Stand app, and it's only showing one page! I may have to go back to Planning Center. Not sure if this is just a bug or intentional. I'm just testing Music Stand now, and I like almost everything else about it... but only seeing one page is not good.
Posted by Scott
April 20, 2023
You can try turning off Low Memory Mode in your Music Stand settings
Posted by WorshipTools
April 21, 2023
That worked! Turned off low memory mode and now I can actually see 3 pages at one. Thank you!
Posted by Scott
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