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Automatic reporting of songs to CCLI

August 2, 2022
I have just received an email from CCLI entitled "Say Hello to Auto-reporting", which includes the following statement: "Report Automatically with WorshipTools. Auto-reporting is available now via Presenter, Planning, and Music Stand by WorshipTools."
I notice that, in Presenter, there is now a tick box in the Advanced Connection settings: "Automatically report songs used in WorshipTools to CCLI"
But there is nothing in the manuals about how this works:
* What and when does it report? In the run-up to the service, songs may be added and deleted from the plan. How do we make sure that only the songs actually used in the service (typically Sunday, may be on other days) get reported?
* What log-on ID is responsible for the automatic reporting. In our Church, the preparation of the order of service/cue list is spread across several different people, each with their own personal log-on id. The projection during the service is done through another id, which is only used for that purpose. Is this setting for the whole system, regardless of Iog-on ID, or does everyone have to enable it? If the latter, how do we prevent duplicate reporting?
I am sure others will have further questions, but these were the ones that occurred to me immediately.

Posted by Paul
August 2, 2022
Auto-reporting is not specific to a single log-in. All songs scheduled under your church's WorshipTools account will be sent over to CCLI. Songs are reported the day after the scheduled service, so songs used on a Sunday will be reported on Monday. We have worked very closely with CCLI to make sure all reporting is as easy and accurate as possible for users.
Posted by WorshipTools
August 2, 2022
Thanks. That makes sense, and it will save me a monthly job! I will be enabling it in time for this week's service.
Posted by Paul
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