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Presenter on Zoom

January 25, 2024
We stream our church service over Zoom. Previously we would just "screen share" a PowerPoint presentation with the song lyrics. We'd like to "screen share" our Presenter presentation on Zoom, but not sure how to display the presentation and not the home screen. Any ideas?
Posted by Sarah
January 27, 2024
One easy suggestion is for the person with the PowerPoint to ensure it is displayed full screen. If they are also the Zoom Host session, or Zoom Host has given them Co-Host authority, they can then pin that screen to all participants.
This is probably easier than the official version, which I include here for completeness (from the Zoom Help pages):-
How to share your screen
In the meeting controls toolbar, click the Share Screen icon .
Select an entire desktop or screen, one or more specific opened programs, or the classic Whiteboard. You can also switch to the Advanced tab for other sharing options, such as slides as a Virtual Background, computer audio only, a local video file, or content from a 2nd camera.
(Optional) Select the check boxes next to Share sound and/or Optimize for video clip to enable either immediately at the start of your sharing.
These options can also be enabled/disabled during the share.
Click Share to begin sharing your screen or content.
To stop sharing, click Stop Share.
Posted by Paul
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