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Associating Backgrounds Permanently

May 18, 2023
How can we associate a particular Background to a particular Song or Slides permanently? (This is different from using DEFAULT - ie we don't want the same Background for everything!)

We have discovered that this is possible using 'Media Templates' - but how do we create our own Media Templates?! (We only seem to be able to select WorshipTools free & paid for ones provided).

Finding the apparent absence of this feature very frustrating. I hope perhaps we're missing something....?!

Posted by Pete
May 18, 2023
Backgrounds and Foregrounds cannot be permanently linked to one another. You'll have to select the Background and Foreground per cue for each service.

Media cannot be modified and saved within Presenter (unless you are creating a Slides Template for formatting). If you purchase media from the WorshipTools Media Store, you'll get a copy of the Photoshop files, which can be used to customize the Slide Templates to your liking.
Posted by WorshipTools
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