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Using Presenter across Mac/Windows

April 2, 2024
We are looking at upgrading our presentation computer in our sanctuary to a mac mini from a windows pc. I know that presenter works on mac, but all of the other workstations we use are windows computers. Has anyone else experienced working with presenter across operating systems like that? We don't want to upgrade the computer and then have a bunch of problems. Thanks in advance!
Posted by Andrew
April 2, 2024
Presenter works across both operating systems
Posted by WorshipTools
April 12, 2024
Yes, in actual usage from the perspective of a user there are no problems we've encountered in a mixed environment of PC and Mac Users.
Our church has been using Presenter for the last two years approx. and just recently toward the end of last year switched over completely at the church for our Main Sanctuary to running Presenter on a MacStudio. The majority of our church staff are on PCs, but much of our users (Worship Leaders, musicians, and myself as Media Lead) are on MacOS.
It has worked seamlessly since we transitioned to MacOS.
Posted by Sonny
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