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February 25, 2024
computer recommendations 2 front 1 rear of house plus booth monitor
Posted by David
March 24, 2024
Just about any fairly recent computer with enough video ports to handle as many different displays as you need will do for a good while. Good splitters can be used if the same output is desired on multiple screens/displays.
Posted by Dave
March 26, 2024
If you have the Pro or Pro+ licence, consider whether it would be useful to have a different display for the rear screen.
We have a screen at the front which shows song words and presentations/videos It is blank when it is not actually needed to avoid distraction and allow the congregation to focus on the speaker.
The screen at the rear shows what is being sent out on the livestream. This includes the song words overlaid onto the video stream, and allows the worship leader to know when to start speaking after the introductory video and other videos. there are also times in the service when they need to ensure they are standing in the correct position to avoid moving the camera between songs when there is often a short prayer.
PowerPoint presentations are shown full screen on the front screen, and in the top left-hand corner of the livestream video, overlaid onto the video of the speaker. Depending on their content, videos may be show full screen on both displays or top left-hand corner of the livestream.
To achieve this, it is not enough to simply use a video splitter. That just sends the same picture to each display. You will have to have a separate video port for each display. A desktop computer will typically have several video outputs, but most laptops only have one. You need to use a docking station to provide the additional video port for the second display.
Posted by Paul
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