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Scripture display improvements

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By: Jake Latest post: September 13, 2022
October 27, 2023
Hi there. I find the scripture display quite limiting. Definitely like the ability to easily display scripture but find the display behaviour quite odd and disruptive to how the reading flows.

First thing is it would be good to include the verse numbers in superscript (like in a Bible).

Second thing is we find a single verse per slide not enough but when switching to break slide on number of words we find the slides breaking mid sentence and disrupts the flow. Having the ability to put either multiple verses or to have slide breaks at the end of sentences would be great.

Third request is to have the title show the whole selected passage (and not just the verses displayed on that slide). It helps for people who are still looking for the passage on their own Bible or device to know what the whole passage is going to be.

Thanks again for a great product.
Posted by Nick
October 29, 2023
If you select Custom, you can set custom breaks between verses, combining multiple verses on one slide. However, it would be extremely helpful to see the text of the scriptures instead of making blind choices and having to flip back and forth between reviewing the slides and setting the breaks.

Also, when using Custom breaks, the scripture on each slide is indented by one space. It's be nice to eliminate that for consistency with scriptures without custom breaks.
Posted by CCF
November 15, 2023
It would also be helpful, if there was an automatic line break after each verse. OpenLP does ist (the software we used before).
Posted by David
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