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People - New Permission Set - Let Volunteer Self-Sign Up

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June 18, 2022
While we have specific admins for each of our ministry teams who can assign volunteers to each weekly service, and this works well for teams where the rotation is pretty regular (e.g. Matt on week 1, Steve on week 2, Jane on week 3, etc.) it does not work for teams where the volunteers self-schedule and assign. For those types of teams the Team Leader needs to often create a sign-up schedule in some other tool (e.g. SignUp Genius,, etc.) and then enter/assign the volunteer into the schedule. This creates double the work for the team lead.

As such, please consider adding a work-flow that would create a potential new permission role where a volunteer assigned to a specific People Team would have the ability to both see Services in the future, but self-assign themselves.

Posted by Chip
July 29, 2022
As the leader of a small ministry team in our church (I lead the team that streams our service). I don’t want have to micromanage or be the ‘go-between’ for the volunteer’s schedules. For this team there is no consistent schedule (eg. Joe volunteers every 3rd Sunday, Jane the 4th, etc.). As such, I have used other tools where I create a schedule and have the volunteers sign-up based on their schedule/availability. I then review and ensure there are no gaps, but I don’t have to take the time to find out availability and then assign volunteers. Frankly, the team helps to manage themselves and ensure we are covered each week.

This is what I’m looking to do with Planning. Without this feature I am still needing to use an addition tool/other on-line tool where I put a schedule online, have volunteers sign-up, and then I have to go into Planning and add folks manually every few weeks to invite each volunteer to each service. The alternative is to make each volunteer an admin/leader in Planning so they can assign themselves, which is not optimal as I don’t want each volunteer to be able to edit a Service or make other changes.

My recommendation is to create a role/permission set where the volunteer can see and add themselves (and also by default accept their role) to the published Services. An additional layer of permission could be that a volunteer is only able to add themselves to a service in the Team that they are assigned to. All other settings would be read only.

Having this feature would allow me, as a team leader, to simply review if there are any services with no volunteer already assigned.

Thanks, again, for considering.
Posted by Chip
April 22, 2023
Hello, please consider the volunteer Self-Sign Up, this will be so much easier for everyone. Thank you, and good job with the app.
Posted by Yanira
September 27, 2023
This would be an awesome addition. Would be really nice if volunteers could sign-up, self-schedule, and trade with each other if they needed to. Thanks!
Posted by Jonathan
September 27, 2023
Yes, I can see the benefit of this, as currently you have to give someone editing permission, which in turn they have access to edit everything rather than just the schedule.
Posted by Suzanne
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