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Is it possible to avoid sending out the email when adding a user?

February 6, 2022

I was taking a look at Planner to see how good a fit it might be for managing our weekly rotas (sound desk, greeters, etc.). I signed up for an account and had a play around with a couple of our upcoming services, adding some roles & users to them, etc. The email field on the users was mandatory so I filled it in, but was a little surprised the next day when a couple of the people involved asked me what the strange unexpected emails were that they'd received and did they need to do anything about them...

If we're likely to use it going forward then I'd have asked them to create their own logins so they can view/update things for themselves, but I'd have preferred it not to send out the initial sign-up mails until I know that's the case. Is there any way to avoid it sending these?
Also, thinking about it, that might be a desirable feature anyway. Our current minister just retired and we're likely to have many visiting preachers before the new one starts towards the end of the year. Although it would be useful to see the names of the visitors on the Scheduling Matrix etc. I'm not sure we'd expect them to all be creating individual logins under our Team account if they're only going to be here occasionally at best. Ideally, being able to enter a free text name against the role would be enough; or failing that, if I did have to add a User for them, I'd prefer it didn't send them any email. I could just enter a dummy address, I suppose, but then what if later we found they were going to return more regularly and we did want them to sign up...? Perhaps just have a "Send Invite" link on the new user entry itself for that initial email, similar to the ones in the services when they're added there?

Posted by Andy
February 7, 2022
For testing, you can add "users" with your own emails (i.e. one "user" with your personal email, one user with your work or other email). You can always email us in the future to delete profiles that are not necessary. Adding users with their real emails will trigger welcome emails so please avoid this until you are ready to have them create their log-ins.

Anyone who would like any level of access to Planning will need to register an email and password. I have seen churches create log-ins for guests, even if they're only logging in temporarily or occasionally. For those who never intend on logging in (often the case for less tech-savvy folks), you can use "dummy emails" as you mentioned. Typically, in this case, the Admin just wants the ability to visualize who is serving where. On the other hand, if there's any potential that the user might decide to start logging in in the future, you will want to register them with the right email. They don't ever have to log in if they don't want to, but they can still receive notifications and requests.
Posted by WorshipTools
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