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Using Zoom to Stream Presenter to YouTube

May 10, 2022
Hi folks, just looking for a bit of advice - we've moved over to Presenter last Sunday with great success (excellent software option), but did come across one snag. We're live-streaming to YouTube from Zoom screen-share and noticed that the camera was super-laggy. Is that because the cameras were set too high resolution. The chain is as follows: Logitech Streamcam into MacBook Air M1 with wired connection into Broadband with speeds of 65mbps down and 15mbps up. Then, in Presenter, using the Logitech as a video feed in the cue list, and sending the presented images/video to a second screen which is set to screen share on Zoom. This is then going out to YouTube. Audio is clear, but the video had quite a lot of lag. Is it simply the case of setting the resolution on the cameras to less, or am I missing something? I don't want to use any other software if I can avoid it (such as OBS) because our team is of mixed ability and so I want to avoid any significant learning curves. Any advice appreciated!
Posted by Stuart
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