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Duplicating songs and stage display

March 28, 2023
I am finding that some songs are being added and nobody has done it I am the only one with the password to the program. My question is the songs that are magically being imported are showing blocks in the text what is up with that??

For the stage display
Some of my lyrics are small and other parts of the song are the size I need if you make them to big they cut off the screen How do I make them big enough but not cut off the screen it is when they are in the next slide box and the current slide box the font size is set to auto not sure what to do how many lines are you able to get on there please help
Posted by Cody
March 29, 2023
There is an Activity Log under Settings in the Planning app, which can also be found on under the 'account' menu at the top right. That may help you determine how and when those songs were added.
Posted by Mike
March 29, 2023
Ok thanks what about the stage display??
Posted by Cody
March 29, 2023
Some songs were being imported twice from SongSelect recently but it has been resolved.

On the Stage Display, "auto" is the best option because it will auto-size the font to fit everything in the respective Stage Display box. The more text you have, the smaller the font size will be so you may need to decrease the amount of lines you have on each slide. The number of lines per slide is entirely up to your preferences and situation.
Posted by WorshipTools
March 29, 2023
That is vary odd because the church does not use SongSelect.

Thank you for the Stage Display information that will help me out a lot.

Posted by Cody
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