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Stop media auto-playing and add volume control to media control screen

April 13, 2024
Hi, when running my service and included media items (video/audio files) and decide to skip past one of the media files (without clicking on that item in the list) it starts playing anyway. I tried turning off Auto-Fire but the item still plays anyway. Can you add a feature to disable this action so that the media item only plays if I click on that item in the service list.

Also would it be possible to add a volume control in the media player control screen so that I can adjust the volume whilst displaying the item.


Mick Farrell
Posted by Mick
April 13, 2024
It seems it is more complicated than I thought. Audio files didn't auto-start only the video file did and only if I skipped to an adjacent media file or a blank item. If I skipped to a media file (audio in my case) both the video and audio files played simultaneously. The video file didn't auto-start if I skipped to a song (lyrics) or to a blank item past a song.
Posted by Mick
April 15, 2024
Please email a screenrecording of this behavior to [email protected] for further review
Posted by WorshipTools
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