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Connect to Device option for Presenter on PC?

September 28, 2023
I understand that Presenter on PC can connect to a device with Music Stand, and Presenter can act as a Host Device to update the current song showing in Music Stand. But can it work the other way around, i.e. having an iPad with Music Stand as the Host Device, and when the worship leader changes songs via his iPad's Music Stand, that automatically connects to and updates to the song showing in Presenter? If so, where can I find the "Connect to Device" option in Presenter on PC?
Posted by Sarah
October 2, 2023
To the best of my knowledge the only way that you can change what is being shown in Presenter is through the Presenter Remote app, but that would need to be through an Android or iOS device.
Posted by Keith
October 3, 2023
Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to sync Presenter with Music Stand, with changes to Music Stand being reflected automatically in Presenter, but it looks like that may not be an option.
Posted by Sarah
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