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Adding a person to my church as a viewer who is already an "Organization Administrator"

January 14, 2024
I one of our administrators is attempting to add a viewer to our church's account but he is not receiving the welcome email. I added him to a service and he receives these emails. When we view him there is a yellow caution box stating, "This user has not logged into planning and verified their email yet." He is receiving email notifications requesting him as an acoustic guitarist and vocalist..... However, he is not receiving the welcome email. How can we remedy this?
Posted by Michael
April 9, 2024
Was this issue resolved? I'm having a similar problem in that I'm adding a musician back onto the team who had a few months off. She also is not receiving any welcome emails so cannot access her account.
Posted by Andrew
April 9, 2024
Please have them email us from their email address.

[email protected]
Posted by WorshipTools
April 10, 2024
Thanks [email protected] for responding to my post from approximately 3 full months ago...... if you can't read the sarcasm in my gratitude maybe re-read the thank you..... @ Andrew.... The issue was resolved approximately 3 weeks ago but not because we did anything differently or related to any support from this forum... we simply tried for the
thirty-seventh time to delete the individual from our account and add him again.... blessings, mb
Posted by Michael
May 10, 2024
Im having same issue were trying to resend confirmation email to a user does nothing.
Posted by Nick
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