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Subtitle ONLY Screen

February 5, 2023
Add an option to send ONLY lyrics to the Subtitle (Lower Third) Screen.

The end result should be:
- When presenting a Slide or a Media in the Main Screen the Subtitle Screen should present Blank or preset color Background [[New Functionality]]
- When presenting a Song on the Main Screen, the Subtitle Screen should present lyrics on lower thirds [Existing Functionality]
Posted by Wenceslao
February 7, 2023
You can do this already with the paid-for licences. Have a look at this tutorial -
By using two templates, and using the multiple screen settings, we direct a full-screen display of the words to the projector, and (using a luma control on our video camera controller) overlay the words onto the livestream on Facebook and Zoom. By careful tuning of the luma settings, we have been able to present the words on a semi-translucent, mid-grey background.
Posted by Paul
February 27, 2023
I would be interested in knowing how to limit the lower third output to just song lyrics / scripture. We have it's set up with a chroma key in OBS. The problem is that presentation slides and other media also show, which shows over the video source, with some bleed through where slides contains the chroma colour....
Posted by Philip
November 19, 2023
I feel this is incorrectly marked as "already possible". The request, is for just text to be sent to a lower third. Perhaps a local http server to preserve formatting. This will allow for a crisp overlay in OBS (more so than any chroma key could achieve). It would also be lighter on system resources than outputting to a yet another display, then display capturing and chroma keying. Lighter resource requirements for a better image is definitely what is needed. Even OpenSong can achieve this.
Posted by Jonathan
December 9, 2023
I would repeat my earlier post by saying that not only is it currently possible, but we do it each Sunday. We have a Pro licence, so I have set up two displays from Presenter.
We use a full screen display on the projector in the building with a large font size on a solid black background for high visibility.
For the output to the livestream on Facebook and Zoom, I have a template that uses a smaller font size positioned in the upper third of the screen (it suits us to put the words at the top of the screen rather than the bottom). We then feed this into an AVMatrix video switcher (the Atem Mini has the same capability), which has the capability to merge and overlay inputs and then send the combined input to our Livestream service. I use the Luma switch rather than Chroma as it give better separation. Also, by adjusting the Luma settings, I have been able to put a light grey background for the text which improves the clarity. You can see the result in last Sunday's service here ->
You will also be able to see how we overlay PowerPoint slides onto the Livestream - they are shown in full screen in the building.
Posted by Paul
December 10, 2023
With all respect, a workaround is not a resolution. I do exactly the same, I create a separate screen, capture that in OBS, then key out the background. This works, bit it is far from optimal.

Keying out a background gives odd results if you switch to media. Keying out a background will never give you as crisp an image as sending the actual text through, such as can be achieved with a local http server. Keying out a background makes it especially tricky if you want an outline around the text, such as black around white or white around black, so that the text is clear regardless of whether the camera is over light or dark background at the time.

Outputting to a window, then capturing it, and keying out the background, also requires a far higher level of technical savvy and far more compute power. Neither of which is a problem for you or me, but it creates an unnecessary barrier to entry for poorer churches or churches without a strong technical lead.

I am glad your workaround works for you. It doesn't give the quality I know can be achieved. And it's an unnecessary barrier to entry for many. This is not resolved.
Posted by Jonathan
December 10, 2023
Completely agree with you Johnathan. Sending the text to OBS maybe by using a web server in Presenter and browser source in OBS would give far superior results in terms of quality, network bandwidth and presumably performance.

But I doubt worshiptoold are even going to see this as it's been marked already possible!
Posted by Philip
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