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Lyric Output for Live Streaming

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By: Wenceslao Latest post: December 10, 2023
Trasparency on background
By: Sabaoth Latest post: June 23, 2023
August 31, 2017
We would like to have a way to output lyrics to put on our live streams.  It would be nice to have just the words and be able to chroma key them in on our streaming software.  It could be implemented as another display like the stage display, or our software could even take in just a web page as a source.  So, it could be as simple as giving me a url I could point to and it would just have the text of the slide on it with a transparent background.  Then I could overlay the text on the bottom of the stream and the words would change when the worship extreme operator changes to the next slide.  Or, maybe an API that we could hook into that would allow me to grab the text of the current slide and write my own html/css backend?
Posted by Michael
March 17, 2020
Please can we have this.
Posted by Trisha
March 17, 2020
This can currently be done using the main output. Adding multiple outputs isn't possible at this time with Worship Extreme.
Posted by Adam
July 25, 2020
I'm doing this a different way, but it still requires two operators (volunteers). I have a second computer that uses the "Stage Display" with everything but the current verse removed--only the current verse shows, pulled down to the bottom of the screen. That luma-keys easily, and removing the green border is fairly easy either by cropping the image, or by adjusting the luma to keep only the white lettering. (Using a duplicate cue doesn't allow the same song to have a different template, so we either end up having to use powerpoint (which is why we bought WE in the first place) or we had to improvise somehow--the stage display was a natural option.
What I'd REALLY like, is a way for one WE computer to be "slaved" to another, so that when the front-of-house computer changes slides, the streaming computer changes too. What would be even nicer of course is a third output--always aligned left and at the bottom.
Posted by Ron
August 16, 2020
I'm looking for something similar - more like a virtual display of the WE's Display screen.

With most of our team working from home and helping us with service presentations, most of them don't have dual screens. It becomes an issue to display songs without that Virtual Display.
Posted by God of Mercy
August 16, 2020
I’ve downloaded the beta, and it’s fantastic! I love the fact that I can control the alpha for the fill!
For those who are trying this, here’s what I’ve done: set up a template called Lower Thirds or something you can recognize. Set it to left justify and align to top. Now click the advanced tab and add a 700 unit top margin to push the whole thing down on the screen. (Use whatever margin setting works for you.) Add a background that’s black and 60% transparent.
Now use an extra HDMI out (a USB to HDMI dongle works fine) and add it as a third screen, assigning it to the new template. Presto! Lower Thirds graphics!
THANK YOU WORSHIP EXTREME! This saves me a computer and a volunteer that I can reassign as a camera operator!
Posted by Ron
November 4, 2021
This could be achieved relatively easily by adding a feature to the online stage display. An option to show just the words on the lower third of the screen would cover this need for a lot of churches. It also avoids having to use yet another computer output to achieve this.
Posted by Lee
January 3, 2022
This could be done by adding NDI outputs. Please!
Posted by Darren
February 6, 2023
Rather than add another thread saying the same thing, I’m very confident this is a feature that could be achieved very easily. I’m very impressed with how fast the stage display updates over the web. The technology is in place to do it. The biggest thing holding me back at the moment from making the full switch is displaying the lyrics on our livestream. I built a webserver I run on a Raspberry Pi that pulls the lyrics from Quelea to display ours currently and while Quelea has been wonderful for several years now, the Worship Tools suite is far ahead of it aside from this one little thing. Please guys, make it happen.
Posted by Tyler
July 7, 2023
So what is the story? Can we add lyrics to the bottom of a live stream? What about slides while streaming the sermon?
Posted by Beth
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