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Browsing sheet music in the whole library, without a scheduled service

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Song access without a setlist
By: Paul Latest post: September 6, 2023
January 11, 2022
Could you please create a songs library browser in the app? I know that there is one for editing songs, but not for viewing. It would be nice to be able to access the sheet music for all songs without having to create a service, that everybody else can see in the team. Ideally it would be accessible by everyone in the team (not just admins or editors).
Posted by Simon
January 18, 2022
I'm really surprised more people aren't asking for this, or that it isn't already included. The ability to pull up songs to practice (even if they haven't been added to a service yet) seems like it should be a core function of Music Stand.
Posted by Joshua
January 18, 2022
Having found the song, it would be great if you could then add it directly into the service, without having to come out of the song browser into the service planner. This can be particularly challenging when you have several songs with similar titles in the library (the "Holy, Holy"s can be a real problem!)
Posted by Paul
March 7, 2023
This would be nice, but I just work around it by creating a service in the future, e.g. Dec 1, 2033 and it works fine.
Posted by Richard
March 15, 2023
YES THIS! PLEASE! This is a CORE function of digital charts, and multiple posts and multiple people ARE asking for it! (Creating a "whole library" service is not the same, and doesn't load a big song library well). The lack of this feature is KILLING the usefulness of the Music Stand app.
Posted by Paul
May 23, 2023
It sounds like you would like the Song database in ‘Planning’ to do something similar to OnSong. When OnSong opens, the first thing you see is the chord chart of a song, then you can swipe through the songs in alphabetical order. If you searched for songs containing a particular tag, word or phrase, you only are swiping through that narrowed down list. Or if you are in a ‘book’ or ‘key’ list you have the same ability to swipe through the charts for all songs in that list.

Feature suggestion: In Planning >> Songs, search for songs by keyword, tag, etc….from that list (or the full list) once you open a song and select the ‘Chords’ tab, instead of the only option being ‘Back to Songs’ (in the top left corner) add arrows ‘<‘ ‘>’ in the top right corner that would allow you to scroll through the songs while staying on the ‘Chords’ tab. And it would be really wonderful to be able to temporarily change the key from this screen too.
Posted by Gail
September 6, 2023
This feature is now available. Please update to the latest version of Music Stand.
You can access your Song Library by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of your Music Stand homepage.
Posted by WorshipTools
September 7, 2023
Thank you, this will be helpful. Should we start a new feature request thread to request the ability to add the song to a service from this preview.
Posted by Gail
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