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Can I terminate the account for worship tools and come back again?

November 6, 2022
We deleted a member who created the account for the VFC
Then we experience not getting the chords from planning tools
Can we terminate the account for worship tools and sign up again using VFC account.

Posted by Rose
November 7, 2022
Account data is never tied to a specific user on the WorshipTools side. it's likely the user has been removed from your SongSelect account, thus severing WorshipTools' ability to import from SongSelect. Please review the following articles for more context. We do not recommend you terminate your account if you plan to keep using the apps.
Posted by WorshipTools
November 7, 2022
Hi thank you so much
I already did the instruction.
However, it is still the same
We cannot generate the songs from SongSelect
I use my own account as I am one of the Admins for SongSelect
And I also check our previous services all most of the chords of the songs were gone too

Please help us on this issue

Posted by Rose
November 8, 2022
Please send a short screenrecording of what happens when you try to import from SongSelect. You can email it to [email protected]
Posted by WorshipTools
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