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Organizations, Accounts, and Users

When working in WorshipTools, you'll deal with Organizations, Accounts, and Users.


Organizations represent one overall church/ministry and can contain one or several WorshipTools accounts beneath them. Billing and SongSelect connections exist at the Organization level and apply to all accounts under the organization. Only those with Admin permission levels can make changes at the Organization level, or make purchases for accounts under the Organization.

Learn more about permission levels.


Accounts (also referred to as Teams) typically represent a ministry or sub-ministry under the Organization. Most churches opt to have one WorshipTools account shared amongst all the sub-ministries of the church (i.e. one account for ABC Church), while a handful of other churches choose to set up different accounts for each sub-ministry (i.e. separate accounts under the Org for ABC Adult Ministry, ABC Youth, Outreach Ministry, etc.). The latter option allows each sub-ministry to manage its media files and song files separately from the other sub-ministries. However, in the case of multiple accounts under an organization, each account needs to be upgraded individually, and data cannot be shared or merged between separate accounts. Bible purchases are also specific to each account and are not shared amongst accounts under an umbrella Organization.

Please note: terminating an account permanently deletes it from the WorshipTools database. There is no way to undo this action. Only terminate an account if you are certain that you do not need this account nor any of the data under it.


Users (also referred to as People) are individuals who hold email/password log-ins to access a ministry's WorshipTools account. Regardless of who created an Organization and Account, WorshipTools data is never tied to a user. Users are essentially those who are authorized to access, view, and/or edit an account's data through their email/password log-in. Accounts can have an unlimited number of users, and Admin rights can be shared or transferred at any time. So, if a user leaves your ministry, don't fret! Your data is not lost – it's just a matter of giving the right person access.

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