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Import PowerPoint/Keynote

PowerPoint and Keynote (macOS only) presentations can be imported into Presenter just like any other piece of media. Instructions on how to import media can be found here. PowerPoint or Keynote will need to be installed on the computer for this process to succeed.

Use Keynote to generate PowerPoint thumbnails

On macOS, you have the option to use PowerPoint or Keynote to generate PowerPoint thumbnails. Under Settings > Defaults > PowerPoint Import, select Keynote. This is a great option for macOS users that don't have PowerPoint installed. Keynote can be downloaded from if needed.

"Verify PowerPoint is installed" message

If you are seeing a "verify PowerPoint is installed" or "verify Keynote is installed" message and you have either PowerPoint or Keynote installed; verify that Presenter has permission to control the application.

  1. Open Mac's System Preferences
  2. Choose Security and Privacy
  3. Privacy tab
  4. Choose Automation on the left
  5. Under WorshipTools, make sure PowerPoint (or Keynote) is checked
  6. Re-launch WorshipTools and try the import again
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