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User Permission Levels

There are six permission levels that can be assigned to each user in WorshipTools:

  1. Scheduled Viewer - view services that the user has been scheduled to serve on
  2. Viewer - view all services and songs
  3. Scheduler - view and schedule people on all services
  4. Editor - view and edit all services and songs, and some People settings.
  5. Administrator - view and edit all services, songs, people, permission levels, etc.
  6. Organization Administrator - view and edit all services, songs, people, permission levels, CCLI integration, etc.


Global and Advanced Service Permissions

Global permissions define a user's baseline or default permission level, whereas the service permissions can be used to override the user's global permission for specific Service Types. For example, a user can have the Viewer global permission level with Scheduler service permissions for just the "Sunday Morning Service" Service Type. This means that the user can view all services across all the different Services Types set up for your ministry, but they are only able to schedule users to services under the "Sunday Morning Service" Service Type.

Service permissions can only be selected at a higher level than the global permission. For example, you cannot have an Editor global permission with a Viewer service permission.

Admins and Org Admins have high-level permissions concerning the overall account, so these permissions cannot be selected at the Service Type level.


Scheduler Permissions

When a user has Scheduler set as their global permission level, they will be able to schedule other users onto all services, regardless of service type. However, if a user has Scheduler set as one of their service permissions, the Admins can specify which Role Groups within that Service Type the Scheduler may schedule for.

Admins and Org Admins can set permission levels when adding a new user to the WorshipTools account. To edit permission levels for an existing user, go to the People page and select the user from the list. With the user's profile page open, click Edit in the top right to access the Permission Level dropdown menu as pictured below. Once you're done, click Save. Admins can modify permission levels for the first five permission levels, but only Org Admins can make and modify other Org Admins.

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