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Google Slides

Presenter by WorshipTools supports importing Google Slides, which can be useful for announcement and/or sermon slides. And when the slideset is updated in Google Slides, changes can easily be synced back into Presenter.


To connect to Google for the first time, add a blank service item to your service and select the Google Slides foreground. This will pop open a window for you to sign in to your Google account. During the sign-in process, Google will ask you to select what WorshipTools (formerly Worship Extreme) can access. Make sure that the checkbox for "See and download all your Google Drive files" is ticked before you continue. Once the connection is established, you can select which Google Slides file you want to import into this service item.

Presenter will remain connected to Google so that you don't have to repeat the sign-in process. If you'd like to disconnect your Google account from Presenter, head to Settings > Connections and click Disconnect next to Google.

Editing Google Slides

If you find a mistake on your Google Slides presentation that needs fixing, click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the exact slide that needs to be fixed. This will take you right to that slide on the Google Slides website in your default browser. Make your changes, and give Google a second or two to save your work.

Then, return to the Presenter app and click Sync Changes in the upper right corner. This will prompt Presenter to re-download the presentation with the updated changes.

Auto Advancing (Scrolling) Slides

Google Slides is a great option for setting auto-advancing slides. Auto Advance tells Presenter to scroll through a set of slides without manual intervention and is most commonly used for pre-/post-service announcement loops.

To set the Auto Advance feature on your Google Slides, look for Auto Advance on the Edit Service Item page of your Google Slides item as indicated in the screenshot below. (Ignore the Auto Advance under the Advanced Options area.)

There, you can select the length of time you want each slide to stay on the screen, as well as what you want Presenter to do when the presentation completes a lap. You can either select Do nothing, which will just leave the presentation on the last slide of the Google Slides set, or you can select Go back to first slide which creates an ongoing loop until someone manually stops the loop by clicking on another service item.

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