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Services and Service Items

Importing from Planning Center

With Presenter by WorshipTools, you can easily import plans from Planning Center Online.

Importing a Planning Center Services plan

  1. Launch and log in to Presenter.
  2. Click Services from the top menu.
  3. Click the Import from PCO link in the top right of the panel.
  4. Log in to your Planning Center account and authorize WorshipTools

Presenter will match songs included in plans by the CCLI song number. If your WorshipTools song library contains that song, it will be imported as the item foreground.

Re-sync a Service with a Planning Center Services plan

After a service is created from a Planning Center plan, it can be re-synced at a later time to pull in the plan's latest items. To sync, open the service. On the left service panel, under the service name/date, click on the sync icon (the two arrows going in a circle).

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