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ChordPro® Directives

Supported Header Directives
title {title: My Song Title}
author {author: name}
{author: name 1, name 2}
key {key: G}
subtitle {subtitle: this text will show under the title}
album {album: this text will show as a comment}
artist {artist: name}
{artist: name 1, name 2,... name x}
author2 {author2: name 1, name 2,... name x}
this will show below {author}
capo {capo: 4th fret}
tempo {tempo: 60}
time {time: 4/4}
flow {flow: V1 C V2 V3 C C B C}

Supported Tags (within Lyrics)
comment {comment: this text appears on a line by itself}
{comment: Verse 1}
most commonly used for section headers
key change {keychange: D}
indicates key change in middle of song
direction {direction: Repeat chorus 2x}
appears in the row of chords
line wrap {line_wrap}
adds a line wrap when in 2-column mode
column break {column_break}
adds a column break when in 2-column mode
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