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Offline Mode

All three of WorshipTools' apps sync over the Internet to stay updated with the latest iterations of your services. That being said, there may be situations where you need to run the apps offline. For example, some churches may not have access to the Internet at their location, while other churches may experience a rare and unexpected WiFi outage in their area. To accommodate, WorshipTools Presenter and Charts apps have an offline mode to carry you through the service without Internet.


When first booting up, Presenter will give you the option to run in Offline Mode if you're not connected to the Intenet. In Offline Mode, you can create new services or open existing ones. When creating new services, you will have most of the usual functionality, with exceptions such as playing YouTube videos, importing from SongSelect, syncing Google Slides, and other features that normally require the Internet. When opening existing services, Presenter will load the most recent version of the service that it had access to when it was last connected to the Internet.

To work around the lack of Internet connection at the church, you can turn on a mobile hotspot just long enough for Presenter to send and/or receive data from the cloud. (You'll want to make sure to give Presenter at least a few minutes of Internet access to sync successfully.)


While viewing service setlists in the Charts mobile app, the app caches data from each service you open. Essentially, it temporarily pockets data from the setlists onto your device so that you can open those setlists offline. Only setlists that were recently accessed (and, therefore, cached) while you were last connected to the Internet will be available for selection when your device goes offline. If you need to check or empty your cache, you can do so on the Charts settings page.

Note: when online, you may need to keep setlists open for a couple of minutes for the data to be saved in the cache. If you go offline before the data save, you may not be able to access the setlist offline.

In order for Offline Mode to run, your Presenter and Charts need to be logged in to the account. (They can stay logged in even when the app is closed.) If you are not logged in when the device goes offline, you will not have the option to use offline mode. When this happens, we recommend you connect to a mobile hotspot or another network, if possible, to log back in and access your materials. You can disconnect from the Internet after signing in.

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