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Loop Community Integration

Import chord charts from Loop Community to Charts. Loop Community offers chord charts to go with their vast multitracks collection and these charts can be imported right into your Charts song library for use in your WorshipTools services.

To connect your Loop Community and WorshipTools accounts, head to the Loop Community website and sign in. Go to your Settings and look for the Integrations page. There, you'll find the option to connect to WorshipTools. Click Connect and sign into your WorshipTools account with your WorshipTools login email and password. (You can also find these settings in your Prime app.)


Your Loop Community account is now integrated with your WorshipTools account, so any charts you add to your library on the Loop Community website will be available for you to access in Charts!

Loop Charts can be purchased individually as needed, or with a monthly subscription for unlimited access for just yourself, or for your entire team. Learn more by visiting the Loop website.

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