Church Database Simplified

Community is a free church database management app with powerful organization and communication features.

Community by WorshipTools

Simple. Powerful. Free.

Free church database management and communication app.

Church Database Management

Manage a list of active church members and keep track of relevant information such as their birthdays, phone numbers, addresses, and more. Get a quick glance at church demographics, group people by households, and create custom fields and filters to organize the information in a way that makes sense for your leadership team.

Send Mass Communications

Send weekly newsletters, important announcements or other communications to the members of your church. You can send communications to everyone or use the various fields and filters to specify the recipients of your message.

Customize Fields and Filters

Customize Community by adding custom fields and bookmarking your favorite filters for faster access. Custom fields can be used to note extra information on peoples' files such as what small group they're a part of, whether they're a youth parent, if they've begun discipleship training... The possibilities are endless.

Group Families Together

Create households to keep track of families in your congregation. Assign household heads and manage members from any person's profile.

Community by WorshipTools

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