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Services and Service Items

Bulk Editor

The Bulk Editor in Presenter allows for making changes to multiple service items at a time. To open the editor, open a service and click on the bullet-list icon at the top of the service panel.

In the editor, a list of all your individual items is displayed on the left. When one or more items are selected from the list, a menu of four bulk-edit options appears on the right:

  1. Set Background
  2. Set Foreground
  3. Set Auto Advance
  4. Set Transition

(Tip: hold Ctrl or Shift on your keyboard to select multiple items at once.)

Set Background

This option is a quick way to apply the same background image, video, graphic, or even a webpage, for multiple items.

Set Foreground

Similarly, this option provides the ability to apply the same foreground Lyrics, Slides, or PowerPoints to multiple items.

Set Auto Advance

Auto Advance is a feature in Presenter that instructs the program to switch from one service item to another specified item after a set amount of time.

Set Transition

To add a fade transition to multiple service items, use this option. This fade will not only apply to transitions between these items but will also apply to each slide within the selected items.

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