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Cloud Sync

Sync Errors

Items are not syncing across multiple computers or WorshipTools' apps.

As long as all your devices are signing in to the same account* and are connected to the Internet, items should automatically sync across your WorshipTools account and devices. Once items are synced on the subsequent computer(s), you may work offline (without Internet) if needed.

*Users do not have to sign in with the same email and password log-in, but they need to be users under the same account.

When initially importing media to Presenter, make sure to check the progress bar at the bottom right corner of your Presenter window to make sure your import is complete before closing out of the program.

Secondly, click the "i" icon that appears when you hover over your media thumbnail. On the following pop-up window, check the line that says "Saved in cloud." If it says "uploading," then please wait for Presenter to complete this process before exiting the program. This will ensure that media items are uploaded to the cloud, therefore accessible to your other computers.

"Difference between server time and local time too large."

This error message means that the local time set on the computer is incorrect. Once that is corrected, restart Presenter to continue syncing your libraries.
A good site to check your local computer time is

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