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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Music Stand really free?

Yes, Music Stand is 100% free. A CCLI® SongSelect® subscription is required to access chord sheets and lyrics from SongSelect. A free SongSelect subscription can be obtained at to access public domain chord charts and lyrics. Upgrade your subscription to access all charts and lyrics.

You can use Music Stand without a SongSelect subscription by adding your own songs.

How do I add my musicians to Music Stand?

From the app, go to Settings > Users & Permissions. Or add them via Planning.

Will my changes sync with Presenter and Planning?

Yes, songs added in Music Stand will be available to display in Presenter, Planning and vice versa.

How many musicians can I add to Music Stand?

Unlimited with WorshipTools Pro Plus, 30 with WorshipTools Pro and 10 with WorshipTools Free.

Can I add my own charts and songs?

Yes, you can add songs as PDFs or ChordPro®. PDFs and ChordPro can be uploaded in Music Stand or in a browser with Planning.

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