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Screens and Displays

Stage Display

In Presenter, the Stage Display feature serves as a confidence monitor for those on stage. You can display song lyrics, Scripture, and other text to the stage team so that they are able to follow along with what the audience sees. The Stage Display also allows them to preview what's coming on the next slide, receive any important alerts from the off-stage team, and more.

Setting Up Stage Display

To enable the Stage Display, you'll need to connect a third* display to your computer and launch Presenter. 

With a third display connected, click on the monitor-shaped icon in the top right corner of Presenter and click Configure. This will take you right to the Screen Configuration settings.

From the Screen Configuration settings page, select Stage Display from the left box. Then, to the right, designate which Display you want the stage display output to go to and Save your selection. A typical setup would have the Main Audience Output going to Display 1 and the Stage Display going to Display 2, but you can swap these depending on how your physical displays are hooked up. You can also turn Stage Display off if you don't want to use this feature at all.

If you don't have a third display to connect to your computer, or if you need more mobility, check out the Stage Display mobile app which allows you to run the stage display from any mobile device.

(*Requires WorshipTools Pro or Pro Plus.)

Stage Display via Browser

To open Stage Display on a web browser, go to and sign in.

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