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Account and Setup

Getting Started

Welcome to WorshipTools! WorshipTools provides a collection of four unique apps – Presenter, Planning, Charts, and Community – designed to help churches with various aspects of worship and ministry.

To get started with WorshipTools, we first need to determine whether you're setting up a brand new WorshipTools account for your church, or if you're trying to join an existing account. Depending on which scenario you fall under, you'll either need to create a login for yourself and an account for the church, or ask your team leader to invite you to their existing account. Read the appropriate section below for further instructions.

Note: if your user login is not linked to an account, you will not be able to access the apps. To learn more about the relationship between Accounts and Users, please check out this article.

Setting Up a New Account

When working in WorshipTools, you'll have an account, which represents the ministry, and a user login, which represents you as an individual member of that ministry. If your church does not have an account yet, you'll start by creating a user login for yourself here. User logins are not permanently tied to a specific account and can be linked and unlinked from different WorshipTools accounts at any time, so we recommend using your personal credentials when creating your user profile.

After you have created your user login, you'll see a screen that says "You don't have access to any WorshipTools teams. To join an existing team, have an admin invite you, or create a new team."


Click create a new team and enter your church's name. We recommend using the church's official name as the account name, but this can always be modified later. Click Create to create the account, and once the account is created, you're ready to start logging into the apps and setting up for Sunday service!

Note: When a new account is created, the person who created it becomes that account's first Org Admin. Org Admins have the highest level of control over the account. There can be multiple Org Admins on an account if needed and the Org Admin can be changed if the existing Org Admin needs to transition out of their role.

To learn more about User Permission Levels, read this article. To learn more about adding other users to the account, read this article.

Joining an Existing Account

Do you serve at a church that uses WorshipTools apps and need to gain access? If so, your team leader should be able to invite you to the account as a user. To do so, they will need to register your name and email address. This email address will be your login moving forward and it's where your invitation will be sent.

In the invitation email, click Join [account name] to complete the user registration process. If you've never created a login with WorshipTools before, you'll be prompted to create a password. If you already have a WorshipTools login, you will be prompted to login with your existing credentials.


You can always create a password or reset it by going through the Password Reset flow.

Once you're logged in, you're ready to start using the apps! Keep in mind that the User Permission Level assigned to you by your account Admin may affect what apps and materials you have access to. If you need your access modified, please reach out to your Admin.

If you do not see the invitation email, please check your Junk/Spam folder. If you are still unable to find the invitation, please contact [email protected] with your registered email address as well as your leader's registered email address.

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