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Managing Users

The following article is intended for those with Admin permissions.

Adding and Removing People

To add new users to your ministry's account, navigate to the People page from the left menu. Then, click the Add button at the top. Fill out the user's information, set their permission levels, and designate their roles. Please make sure to check for spelling errors before you save the user, as the process to fix these requires extra steps. 

Once you  Save, that individual will be added to the Planning team and will receive an email with the subject line, "You have been added to the '[account name]' Team." 

If the user doesn't have a log-in made yet, the email will provide a link for the user to set a password (pictured left). Please make sure that they are using the link in the email to get set up, and have them check their spam folders if they aren't seeing this email in their inbox. If the user already has a log-in, the email will just notify them that they've been added to the team, and all they have to do is sign in to access their new team. 

To edit an existing user's permission levels or roles, or to delete someone from your team altogether, click on their name from the list. There will be an Edit option on the top right of their user profile page. Please note that deleting someone from your team does not delete them from our records. If you make a mistake when adding a new user, please follow the directions at the very bottom of this article.

Re-send Password Link

If a user has not set a password for themselves after you have added them to your team, there will be a small yellow icon next to the user on the People page (as pictured below). This indicates that the user's registration is incomplete and this user will not receive any notifications from Planning. To resend the link to set a password, click on the user's listing on the People page. On their profile, you will find a button to "Resend welcome email."

Alternatively, the user can also click on "Forgot your password?" on the log-in screen to set a password. Even though they've never set one before, their email address was registered the moment you added them to the team, so the "forgot password" trick will work.

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